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Juvabis uses a proprietary technology platform for the rapid screening and evaluation of experimental drug libraries to assess antibacterial potency, resilience towards resistance mechanisms, and target selectivity. The screening technology provides indications of a potential safety profile and tolerability early on in the drug discovery process. This technology platform has been validated by studying the binding specificity of aminoglycoside antibiotics to the bacterial ribosome in comparison to the structurally related human ribosomes, enabling a detailed evaluation of target selectivity and hence a guiding rationale for drug safety.

Juvabis’ profound expertise in carbohydrate chemistry has allowed the translation of these technologies and findings into the discovery and rational design of new chemical entities and drug candidates that retain high antibacterial potency and at the same time abolish the side effects observed with previous aminoglycoside antibiotics.

Juvabis consistently expands its portfolio of intellectual property to nurture a diversifying pipeline of leads. Currently two lead compounds have matured into early preclinical development. These candidates demonstrated benchmark antibacterial activity in vitro, and initial toxicological studies suggest an excellent safety profile in vivo. The leads have shown superior in vitro activity against resistant bacteria, including multi-drug resistant strains that are resistant to most other aminoglycoside antibiotics. Taken together, the in vitro and in vivo data collated to date serve as a proof of concept for the proprietary approach to drug design in general, and have identified promising leads for further development.


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